Thursday, February 2, 2012

Never Having to Say You're Sorry

"Sorry, only peas left and that's all you get, so eat it!"

Well, maybe not "never" having to say to say you're sorry, but for some reason I have been realizing that "sorry" has become my new catch word for just about everything I do these days.
I'm always saying "sorry" when I don't even have anything to be really that "sorry" about.
And not just me... I have been hearing many more people doing it also.
What is this phenomenon?

"Sorry", as you almost bump into someone in the Goodwill store.
"Sorry", when you do not have the correct change.
"Sorry", I am taking so long to gather my correct change.
"Sorry", if you reach the wrong phone number.

"Sorry, I gained 5 pounds", I tell myself as I spoon another gob of delicious store bought single slice of white cake and ice cream into my mouth.
"Sorry", with a little backward wave...I almost cut you off with my car and ran you into the ditch back there.
"Sorry", I don't have time to take or want another telemarketing call.  Well, sometimes I add on a bit of a derogatory designation after the "Sorry" part.  That reminds me, I need to cancel my phone land line.

Heck, I am even telling my cat, "Sorry", when I am stepping over if he cares!
He does however care when he has eaten all his chicken and vegetable cat chow and is left with just the peas.  The glare he gives me.
By the way..."Sorry, I couldn't get his glare in the photo above."

You get my meaning.
Saying "Sorry" has become as mundane and incidental as saying, "bless you" when someone sneezes.

I think it may have something to do with the general reality of this economy.
We all know people without jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, working 2 plus jobs to make ends meet, and vacation?...???  What's that!?
We are a sorry bunch of people right now in general...but with great manners.
And when it comes right down to it, saying "Sorry" is a nice thing to do.
But I admit, I am getting tired of saying it. 

There are a lot of other people out there that really need to say it much more often... mean it...and act on it.
Hint:  Can you spell l-e-g-i-s-l-a-t-o-r-s?
Now that would be a great phenomenon!
                                                                                       copyright 2012 Stepka

And guess what, a local paper actually published this in a shortened version.