Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Spark of Imagination

A wonderful foggy morning in Northern California.

Trodding up the hill into the park this morning, admiring the fog lifting from the trees in the valley, thinking….now why didn’t I bring my camera, I heard children’s high pitched, excited voices away up the hill.
After a few minutes, our paths crossed and I saw it was a team of 3 young children, a mom and a big lab.
Two of the children, a boy and a girl, were holding up on both ends, a huge branch, nice and knarly and mossy.
Smiling, I made an assumption and said, “wow, your dog is really going to enjoy that stick”, wherein the mom spoke up, also smiling, “oh, it’s going to be for a fairy house.” 
Then I saw the bundle of tree moss in the other girls hand.

A spark just flew across my heart.
A fairy house!  Of course!

I looked back up and saw the foggy landscape in a whole new way.
What fairies and magical creatures are living out there in the foggy hills?  I thought of Ireland and its fog encrusted hills.  The wee folk, wings brushing by just out of corner of the eye.   Magic!

I wanted a fairy house.
Look at all the materials on the ground just waiting to be creatively constructed into something magical.

Let’s face it, day to day adult life is not magical.  It is full of mortgage or rent payments, gas bills, work, work, work....
Where did we leave behind that spark of imagination a child has?

How about that just for an hour...go build yourself a fairy house.
Or...draw a picture, take some photos...write a story.
I dare you.

Double dare you!

                                                                                            copyright 2012 Stepka