Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since I brought up the subject of books and the possible demise of the paper bound books someday - I was thinking about how the bookcase had in the past turned more into a curio cabinet in homes, though curios are going by way of books also it seems.
Curios - those curiosities one use to find on travels and brought back home to remind them of an adventure and far off lands.
Somehow through the years, curios degraded into the world of trinkets and bric-a-brac - generally grouped classified into the dreaded term Knickknacks.  There are knickknacks and then there are 'knickknacks'.

I am proud to say I have vintage knickknacks that share my bookshelf - definitely not as much as I used to.  Even I like to keep things clean and in their place, but I have my little collections.  One of my favorites is my menagerie of animals, mainly dogs, since I just happen upon those more than any other creature.  Metal is my favorite medium and all the creatures must have a certain look in their eye.  They must speak to me in some way.  Looking at them today, they all seemed to be looking in one direction and ready to just hop off the shelf and set off for a group walk.

American decor magazines seem to intend to have everyone's home spic and span and neat as a button - eliminating all excess clutter.  Bookshelves, if they are present, have a few books on one side with a big vase or art object next to it.  Less is more, so the saying goes.
Sometimes though, it is just downright boring. 
I think that is why I love certain British magazines - they can be clean style wise, but still show the homeowner's personality and character through unique furnishings and collections.
Every home needs a few knickknacks! 

                                                                                      copyright 2012 Stepka