Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cat Wars

The Siamese in the Sun

The neighbor’s Siamese slunk around the corner of the garage as soon as I opened my front door to go out.  My cat Fitz had just ventured out in the same direction a few minutes before; leading me to believe the stalking process had begun – once again.

You see, Fitz is an "only child” and always benefited from the luxury that other cats, other than the occasional feral, just kept out of his territory.  Even though I share a fence with my neighbor, they always either had a dog, whom Fitz could just look down and hiss at from a safe distance on top of the fence, or a semi-retired, somewhat feral black cat that minded his own business.
When my new next door neighbors moved in a few months back, with them came a pair of kitties including, the soon to be, bain of my Fitz’s life, the Siamese.

I was somewhat uncertain how Fitz would handle it, but upon the first glimpses of the new pair next door, each just kinda stared at each other without any major hissy fits.  I was very much heartened one day a short time later when my neighbor reported she had seen Fitz and her other yellow kitty sitting next to each other in her yard one day, seemingly just hanging out.  Yeah!

Well, it was great while it lasted.  Then the horror happened.

 Fitz has his own little kitty door, so he can come and go as he pleases while I am away at work – the only rule being he must be inside by dark.  When Fitz was still a young, adventurous kitty, these rules just did not seem to stick in his little kitty thick skull.  One night I was up till 2 AM waiting for him to venture back thru that kitty door.  Luckily, he is older now, and can appreciate the warmth and the anticipation of a good meal waiting for him when I drive in.  So even though I may not find him inside as I step in, he comes a running after I shake a bag of kitty treats at him.  A very good boy.

One night a couple of months back during the onset of winter, I came in the front door, and saw Fitz on the floor somewhat strangely looking at me (in hindsight), then at the couch, then at me again.  I really didn’t pay much mind until I was even with the couch and glanced over - the neighbor’s Siamese was curled up, eyes half closed, enjoying the warmth of my nice wool throw.

I stopped and said, “What!” actually quite loudly in surprise, wherein the Siamese woke up with startled eyes and expression of “Whoa, caught!” and bolted to the floor and the kitty door, Fitz on his tail, fur bristling.

That was the end of the peace talks.

Territory is relative – but boldly venturing through Fitz’s personal kitty door and making oneself at  home without invitation- that is WAR.

I had found the Siamese inside on my chair a few times since then, the usual scenario, I would arrive home and he would bolt with Fitz at his heels.
I noticed for a while thereafter, Fitz would not venture out of the house much, choosing to sit upstairs at the window looking out or at the kitty door looking…and waiting…for any possible breach.

It seems to have settled down, some sort of truce established for now.  I have not seen the Siamese inside my house for quite some time.
Yet, the stalking continues.  Outside, where one goes, the other follows at a distance, forever vigilant.
The Peace Talks continue – War forever on the horizon.

                                                                                                                    copyright 2012 Stepka