Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Year Anniversary - The Garage

Wow...  I actually have kept up this blog for a whole year.
And to celebrate, here is a cute story about Fitz - of course.

The Garage
Having just eaten his evening meal, Fitz rambles to his usual after dinner position in front of the inner garage door.
You would think that having been out all day, he would just like to curl up and take a nice nap before “nighty night” time, but no, the draw of what may lay beyond that door is just too strong.
Most nights he will jump up on the small round table next to the door and if I am not paying attention, I will soon hear a pitiful mewling sound.  With huge dark saucer eyes, he looks straight at me as one big paw reaches up, gently tapping on the door knob.
This cat really has it down.
I have tried to ignore it, but really – who could?  It’s just too damn cute.
So I get up and open the door ajar just wide enough for a cat’s body to enter.  We both peer around the door’s edge into the darkness and then look back at each other as if to say, “Yup, might be scary monsters in there.” Yet Fitz looks back into the void, positions himself, and jumps lithely into the black.
I used to turn on the light for him, but that would take all of his fun away - and scare any wayward mouse that may have come into the garage thinking he had found a safe haven for the night.
Honestly, I have never seen him catch anything, but the possibility is always present and must be ventured.  More often than not, especially during warmer months of the year, I will find him an hour later curled up on a scrap of old quilt in the corner, comfty cozy, and sound asleep.  Upon me gently coaxing and softly saying, “nighty night time”, his eyes will blink very slowly open and a new protesting series of short meows are issued, letting me know he does not want to be disturbed from his slumber.  Gathering him up in my arms, I carry him out of the garage and gently place him on the wool blanket on the sofa where he curls himself back into a ball and falls directly back to sleep.
The adventure can continue tomorrow.
                                                                                                  copyright 2012 Stepka