Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bone Tired

Was doing my photography on Tuesday morning and just became bone tired by noon.  All those creative juices that flow just wear a person out.
Not that I am complaining.  I would much rather be worn out creatively than by shoveling and then shoving wheelbarrows full of cow 'excrement' to the manure pile.
Been there, done that.
No, I just had to stop finally, because I was also just getting darn frustrated looking at photos that just weren't up to the quality of what I want them to be.

So I retired to the back yard and laid in the hammock.
I love my hammock.
I really - really love my hammock.
It took me years to finally break down and buy one off of Craigslist - one with a stand that can break down into 3 pieces easily and get stashed in the garage in Winter.
I kept thinking a pair of trees would magically appear one day in my back yard, spaced perfectly apart to just tie a hammock on, but nope, no magical Fairy Sprite lives around here.

So I broke down and bought one, and my only question to myself is why the heck did I wait so long.

My bones basically fell asleep on the hammock, but my mind was a working still.  Very strange.  I balanced a sketchbook on my knees and just let the imagination flow.

I am almost done coming up with series of cards I want to sell on this site.  Like the hammock, I really was a hoping a Fairy Sprite would just pop into my studio one evening  and the next morning I would see the perfect series of photos just laid out in front of me.
Nope...I just have to wrack my brain and obsess.  Yes, this one.  No....too bright.  Not a good grouping.  Not clear enough.  Not colorful enough.  This photo just doesn't work in this group. Now, this is looking pretty good, but the cropping is wrong. and so on and so on and so on.  And I don't even want to go into my back and forth about either adding text or just having blank note cards.  Eventually there will be both.

It will come together.  It is coming together.
One of these days soon, I just have to say to myself enough is enough and get on with it.  There will always be more photos...and they will evolve.
The hardest part is just getting yourself out there....taking that leap.
Next!?  I really am trying to just take one step at a time, but...
Jewlery ideas have always been in the back of my mind and it's time to get moving in that direction now.
Just good, simple, strong pieces that will hold up to whether you are in town shopping or even herding sheep in from the pasture. 

So one of these days, you will be seeing a page that connects you to a real commerce webpage you can buy off of.  Really.  I am not saying when....but yes, I do see it a coming on the horizon. For some reason that horizon just keeps slipping further in the distance, but it is there.
I see it filled with small vintage pieces, my cards...even jewelry eventually, nature related gifts by other great people and some nice smelly stuff too.

But for is definitely time to roll back down to the hammock to rest my bones.  Maybe I will be able to convince my brain to rest too.

                                                                                                copyright 2012 Stepka