Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dairy Farming - 2nd Worst Job in the U.S.

Yup, Dairy Farmers have the second worst job in the U.S. according to Hoda and Kathie Lee on NBC yesterday.

But considering that dental hygienist was the 4th best job in America listed, well, let's say I can handle scooping cow crap out of the gutter better cleaning a human's teeth. I am gagging just thinking about it. Haven't they always said that dentists have the highest suicide rate in America?  Considering the hygienist does all the dirty work now a days, you would think it would cross over.

But dental hygienists have great pay and vacation days, and yes, don't have themselves sprayed with hot steaming pee while trying to work on a patient.  They don't get kicked in the groin or the face by a 2000 pound creature, though sometimes I have really felt like doing it when they take that damn hooked instrument to my gum line and paw underneath. 

Guess you do have to be a bit crazy to be a farmer.

You also have to have a great love of the outdoors, a great respect and compassion towards animals, be absolutely realistic as to what the animals on the farm are there for - be a great, think on your feet business person, realize that money will always be scarce, be strong in mind and body - and be very respectful and loving of the family you are working along side with...because it is just damn hard work all the way around.

Maybe you can't go off on vacations - but you can  ( if you choose to and remember that it is there) go on top of the hill on your farm after milking and listen to the birds sing, see the cows laying down for the night and watch an absolute gorgeous sunset and then watch as the Milky Way slowly spreads out above you as the sky darkens to pitch black.

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Oh...the number one worst job - Lumberjack.                                

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