Thursday, April 26, 2012

Imaginative Place Names

Swinging in the hammock the other day, I was just drifting off listening to the mockingbird right above me, when my brain started mumbling something about Mockingbird Hill, then switched on to what fun names the British have in the way of villages...and of course, all sorts of names started piling one after another in my brain.
I call my neighborhood, Quail Ridge...because of all the quails scooting about on the roads and fences.  This time of year it is definitely Mockingbird Hill.

Here's just a few other names my brain thought would be quite outstanding if you actually lived in a meadow, glen or manor.
Fox Hollow
Meadow Sheep / Sheep Meadow sounded too plain.
Swallow Croft
Hedgehog Row
Troublesome Goat Ridge
Goat's Glen
Hen Hill
Poppy Meadow
Quail Ridge
Chicken Run
Thrush Manor / any word in front of manor sounds solid and reputable.
Crow Narrows
Windmill Valley
Sugar Camp
Cats Crossing
Dog Barking / well, I bet it would work in England.  You have to spell it - Dogbarking.
Fencington / again - put an "ington" on the end and it works - at least in England!  Marketington, Housington, Farmington, Riverington, Castlington...hard to roll off the tongue, but works!

Ok...getting a bit "loonington" now........have to stop.
                                                                                      copyright 2012 Stepka