Monday, April 16, 2012

Slime in the Morning - Ode to the Snail

Oh, you slimy little bastard, chewer of all things green and flowering.
What menace you greet upon my few lovely things.

Upon stepping into my morning oasis, I see your slime trails and fresh, harsh bites -
chewed upon fresh greenery - and from what magnificient heights!

How did you manage to speed your way out over the open on the previous starlit night,
to greasily climb up, up, up to the freshest, greenest shoots, 3 feet from the floor
just to take a bite?

Do you have little wings that sprout out of your shell,
or long, spindly legs that you manage to grow
in that slimy gooey thing you call your home?

Magically, you disappear with the first rays of light,
like a meteor that melts into the warm summer night.

Enough of this weird little narrative
that is going on and on,
for within this box of nasty granules,
your nightly visits will come to an end.

Empty shells will appear, where once they housed your slime,
and I will not bat an eye,
for there is greenery everywhere and you just had to choose mine.

So here's to your bad choices...
and to all my bad rhymes.

I will not be greeted by slime in the morning

For Quite

                                                                                                          copyright 2012 Stepka