Friday, April 6, 2012

When Dogs were Dogs - "All the Dogs of My Life" by Elizabeth

Picked up a wonderful book from a library thrift bookstore the other day, mainly because I just loved the photos of a dog inside.  This was back in 1936 when dogs were dogs!  The book itself is wonderfully written also.
The images are taken from the book - All the Dogs of my Life by Elizabeth, whom after a bit of research turns out to be Elizabeth von Arnim who wrote Enchanted April - most of you romantics out there must have seen the movie version - a couple of English women rent a villa in Italy?  Pouring rain when they arrive and the next morning they open the shutters to a magnificent sunny view that just takes your breath away.
My scans of the photos are not the best, but just look at the size of her pooch, Coco.

Now that is a DOG.  She must have been a tiny woman - still - wow...

This is just a wonderful photo. 
In her book Elizabeth says, " and here he is in the position which by that time had become a habit, of lying at my feet whenever I sat down, and putting a protective paw over my ankle..."

It turns out this is a working dog breed from Switzerland. She does not specify the breed in the book.  They would carry parcels on their backs and even draw little carts to haul things up steep mountain paths.  She bought a pretty isolated home in the mountains of Switzerland and her first morning there, she met Coco and fell in love.

What a dog!