Friday, April 27, 2012

Where the Heck Were You?

Had a scare last Wednesday morning.
Woke up and started heading to go downstairs...looked to see if Fitz was in the studio on his pillow...nope.
Looked head peaking around the corner up at me.
Ok...this was weird.  Fitz always met me on the stair at least. Went down the stairs, stopped.  No Fitz.  I looked around, went to the food bowl, now that always brings him round.  Nope.
Where the heck was he?
Then a thought occurred that concerned me even more.
I always leave my upstairs window open so Fitz can step out on the pseudo balcony/flower pot holder area and gaze out on warm nights.  Could he have grabbed after some flying insect and have fallen? No way....he is a trapeze artist when it comes to balance.
I grabbed the patio door handle and looked around outside.
Now I am freaked.  No kitty to be seen.
I start going thru every room, open and peer thru every closet, under the bed, all corners and crevices, and checked the garage.  I throw on my jeans and head outside to peer under bush, corner and over the fence.
I call his name and shake his bag of kitty chow. 

Then I looked back at the open patio door...and there he is on the inside mat...looking out at the crazy woman at the fence, blinking with tired eyes from having just woken up.
Where the heck he had been...I have no idea. 
I have a feeling he was nestled somewhere right in front of me somewhere he usually is not and in my panic, I just did not see him.  He just watched the show with one eye open at me...wondering what the heck all the hub bub was about and couldn't he just get a few more winks in. 
"Humans. Yes, they do provide good food and a safe place to sleep - but really!"

The farm girl inside just shakes her head at me.  What have I become?

                                                                                                                copyright 2012 Stepka