Monday, April 30, 2012


While setting up a wine shot, I opened up a bottle of a very good wine by mistake.
2008 Old Vine Zinfandel by Ironstone.
I had kept it in the cabinet for when visitors who drank wine stopped in, since I really don't drink wine.
...I have to say, what a difference a vintage and vintner makes!
I even like it.  Poured myself a small glass, stuffed the cork back in and set out a nice plate of walnuts, grapes and cheese to nibble on.
Nibble might not be the correct word.
I inhaled it.
The Zin has body and a bold yummy taste...not just watered down vinegar like many wines seem to taste to me.
Then again, as I said, I don't really indulge.  I do like taking photos of it though.
Now one thing I do know is that Ironstone makes a great Champange / Sparkling Wine.  Champagne I've always indulged in for celebrations.

The last two days I had off, I took my share of wine set up shots.  Of course, the last set, right before the sun went away, turned out the best.
Here it goes again...have to decide which 4 I want to include in my Vintner series of cards. 
More agonizing over something I shouldn't.
Just me.
The above photo is one I rejected....for now.... still very nice.
However, I have found that not every shot translates well on paper.  Loss of luminosity in some cases.
I am yearning to get that new I Pad with that 'whatever it is' screen that makes images come alive.  Hype or reality?  Would love to download on one and see.

Still...I have a feeling I will end up with more than one set of Vintner note cards.

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