Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Card Line in Process

I have always thought of this little blog as being a diary of some sort...just not a personal one.   Now that I have written this blog for more than a year, it is interesting to me to go back and see what photos I captured last year this time, or what I may have been reading or writing.
So I am just plopping in this entry to remind myself that today I took the plunge and took the card lines I have been designing to the printer.  It took quite a few months to baton down what I wanted to start with.  So many images to choose from.
And I want them to be not "just another" photo card.
To anyone out there who may be interested, when I actually hard copies to sell (end of July at the latest) I will set up my retail page and introduce them.  I will be wholesaling them to retail establishments later also.
As I keep telling step at a time.
After cards, well, there are lots of possibilities out there...and I do call this site Farm Girl "Studios".
Exciting, yet traumatizing also.
But there is only one life to live....and have to just get out there and do some things.
This is one of them.
So to myself who reads this again one year later....
"Well, How's it going?"  "Keep on creating"
"Have a pair of goats yet?"

                                                                                                     copyright 2012 Stepka