Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Docile as a Sheep"

Whoever coined the phrase, “docile as a sheep” never actually experienced having to herd a flock of 400 thru an 8 foot gate into a shearing yard.

You would think that with so many sheep, our dad would have invested in a great sheep dog.
Nope…Dad just had us 2 kids instead.

Unfortunately, even though young and sprite, we just did not have the fast reflexes, maneuverability, and speed of a sheep dog.

I did have the stare technique down however.
Toss that in with a few select swear words and hands a’ waving, you’d think those sheep would have just stared back in horror and walked as one thru the gate into the shearing shed.
Yeah, right.
Let just one slip out of the group and the 399 others will turn their haunches right around and dart right back out after the one that escaped.

Yes, docile is not the word to describe a stampede of 400, bugged eyed, crazed sheep running right towards you.
You just got out of the way, waited till they settled down …and started all over again…and again…and again.
                                                                                     copyright 2012 Stepka