Friday, May 4, 2012

Morning Glories

Last year's Morning Glories

When the sheep appeared in the open space, I thought, I have to get some wire to put on the other side of my fence where they would be munching down all the weeds, and where I had some morning glories leaves sprouting out of the ground also.
Ran to the hardware store and got some wire, but by the time I got back the sheep had already munched their way along the outskirts of the fence and no morning glories to be seen.
It is early in the season though and now that the sheep have moved off to another section of the space, I already see green shoots of grass coming back and I know I will most likely have new shoots of glories.
Amazing what sheep droppings do to the soil.

And I have been finding plenty of morning glory shoots on my side of the fence that I pulling out of the lavender bushes and tying up with string.
Should be another great year of beautiful colors.

                                                                                  copyright 2012 Stepka