Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mountain Lion Sighting

Was out with my cup of coffee on the sidewalk looking at the sheep when a couple with a beautiful German Shepherd stopped to look also.
The German Shepherd did not bat an eye. Good dog.

Anyhow, after commenting on the wonderful variety of wild and domestic animal life we are surrounded with in the midst of a small town, they asked if I had seen the Mountain Lion.
Nope, I said...I know they have been spotted in park up the road...but down here?  Where did they see it, I asked.

Right above me is a new home being built....one of those monstrosities of stone and way too many rooms.  (some cleaning service is going to have a nice job there once it's built).
The home is the 2nd in the row that juts up to another open space area.  They were walking down one evening after walking their dog and were looking at some construction people on the roof, when they spotted movement to their right under the eaves.  They watched as a mountain lion unfolded itself from underneath some scaffolding, leaped off and vanished into the brush.

Plenty of sheep and goats are up in that area right now doing their weed wacking thing.
I have a feeling there is a big cat licking his chops nearby.

                                                                                   copyright 2012 Stepka