Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I was on a small river bridge yesterday, watching river swallows flirting back and forth under and over, trying to get photos of one in mid flight.  Impossible.
I noticed though, how groups of them landed quickly under the bridge,  never stopping their fluttering, digging their beaks into the wet mud, and then taking off with a small load of mud for their new nests.  They scooped up such a tiny amount of mud, I can not imagine how many trips it would take one to finish their nest.  They gathered the mud without stopping to rest - their wings were constantly in motion.  Exhausting even to watch.
As I was walking away, It just occurred to me what type of "mud" barn swallows must use for their nests.  Well, maybe they just mixed the fresh cow dung in with some fresh mud. 

                                                                                           copyright 2012 Stepka