Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cacophony of Voices

Sitting on the patio steps in the morning, I am always struck by all the voices surrounding me.
The crows are always cackling at one another, the mockingbird ever so present, then behind the cacophony, tweeting voices of all different kinds.  Finches, robins, and who knows what…amazing when you sit and try to sort them all out.  Each one is layered upon the other, one taking president, then receding and another taking up the main chant.  Oh, I forgot to mention the baaing sheep in the distance.  How could I forget that…and there is the dog barking and I think I just heard a cat give a warning growl to another.  Yup, Fitz is just coming over the fence looking backward over his shoulder, ears laid back.  At least no major row.
I know this same cacophony must have existed on the farm…I just don’t remember ever taking the time to just sit and listen.  We were always off to do ‘something’ regarding farm work, or going to school.  I did love to take my walks everywhere, but my young mind had always been filled with many angst thoughts and did not allow anything much else to enter.  Watching TV was my soother and escape of choice those days.

We definitely had robins and jays, but my main memories were of all the sparrows nesting in the eaves of the house.  Messy and smelly, sparrows were considered as much a nuisance as pigeons, and definitely not to be admired.  To this day, I look at a sparrow and almost hiss thru my teeth.
I also remember avoiding dive bombing redwing blackbirds on my walks.  They nested in trees next to the road and were always protecting their nests from other birds and humans alike.  I have always enjoyed watching them cock up their heads and trill their magnificent songs.

So it is wonderful now to just sit back and enjoy the symphony.
My mind still is in a constant churn of thought and angst most days.  Age, unfortunately has not stopped the cacophony. Lots of choices, decisions and worries out in the world, no matter what age.
At least now I have gotten to the point where I can sit still, listen and appreciate what surrounds me.  It is so much more pleasant to focus, recede those inner voices and listen to nature's cacophony
                                                                                                                     copyright 2012 Stepka