Monday, June 4, 2012

It Had to Happen Sometime

Tomato blooms

Yes, it finally happened.
I knew it would at some point.
You see, I am easily distracted, especially when taking photos.  I become so totally absorbed with a plant, bird, object and the light - trying to get just the right shot. Time just flies.
Sunday my distraction evolved - into my new obsession - my tomato and pea plantings.

Seemed like everyone was at Orchard Hardware Sunday morning, and everyone was picking up the same thing - those metal contraptions to support ever higher growing tomato plants.  I had a few smaller ones, but since I have one plant that is supposed to reach 6 feet, and I like to move it around on a wheel base so it gets maximum sun, well, I picked up a nice big one. 

I love the smell of the tomato leaves.  I could almost take or leave the tomatos themselves, (I am going to have way too many for one person to eat)  but tending those lovely leaves and having the fragrance left on your hands and air....just heaven!

After the hardware store, I came home and "accidentally" sat on the couch, even though I had told myself I had to launder clothes, wash dishes, clean out the kitty box, CLEAN and then towards evening go out and scout some photos.  It took a few good meows from Fitz, my cat, who does not like to see me stretched out nearly asleep at anytime except when it is dark, to force myself to move and get to work. He, on the other hand, sleeps 18 hours a day.  But it is hell to pay if he finds me with my eyes closed. He even has some sort of radar about it.  He may be on his pillow sleeping away in the office, but as soon as I lay on my couch, and heaven forbid, the bed, I will hear a meow in the distance, slowly getting closer and closer, till he is right by my ear, wondering what the heck is wrong with me, that I am laying down during the day.

Enough. I flopped myself up and over to the kitchen, got the dishes in the sink and turn on the facet full power.
I have done it a million times.  I get bored waiting for the water to fill, so I head outside to check on my tomatos right outside the door.
I stare at my tomato plant on wheels, see it is in shade, so I wheel it over a bit to hit the afternoon sun, my nose practically in the leaves.  I remember the new support I got, took off the old small one carefully, replace it with the new large one, step back and admire, get the hose to water it and a few other plants, turn it off -  and hear a strange sound behind me, like the hose was still running.

Yup.  I finally did it.  I forgot about the sink filling with water.

It was such a lovely site of suds and water cascading over the side of the sink, flowing to the floor and under the refrigerator.
I can imagine my expression when I saw it, just like a cartoon...stop motion...jaw dropped, eyes bugged out...and a second later ...all action, stepping in the cascade, one hand tuning off the faucet, the other thrust into the nice hot water to unstop the plug.  Damage done.  A few years back, I would have beat myself over the head for being so distracted and stupid.

I am older, wiser and calmer now...and after mentally checking myself first, that yes, I had been just distracted, and no, this was not a precursor to early dementia -  I just got lots of bath towels, threw them on the floor and started cleaning up.
I was going to clean anyhow, wasn't I?

What I was not prepared for was the absolute gunk in the flood waters under the fridge.  Then it is clean and I won't have to deal with it for another 5 years or so, right?

Fitz showed up as I was on my knees slopping up the mess. He gave me a disgusted look and walked galantly out the door into the back yard.

                                                                              copyright 2012 Stepka