Thursday, June 28, 2012



[ruhk-uhs] Show IPA
a noisy commotion; fracas; rumpus: The losers are sure to raise a ruckus.

1885–90, Americanism ; probably blend of ruction and rumpus

I love this word. Even better when you roll the r and let it roll off the tongue.
I don't love hearing it before the sun rises.
At 5 this morning, there was a rrruckus outside my window.  A slow growl slowly crescendoed into a harrowing halloween scream between two cats.  Then it descended and very soon after, sound decibels blasted into outer space by the side of the house. Yikes. 
Yes, I'm awake now, no thank you.
Went downstairs to give Fitz an early breakfast.  He looked surprisingly unperturbed, like he just got up from sleep, and gave me a long yawn. 
Humph, I would have thought he would have been hopping all over the place trying to get out and join the frey.
I bent down and give him a pat on his head.
He looked up at me and gave me a nice long hiss, and added a couple of more hisses as he walked toward his dish.
Yes, Fitz.  My thoughts exactly.
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