Friday, June 29, 2012

Tired Blood

I just about had a cow when I overheard a man in the thrift store the other day tell his coworker that he was just feeling soooo tired the past few days.  "Must be tired blood" he said.

Oh, boy...
Flash back to the old Lawrence Welk show - the only show approved of in our household - and the commercials for Milk of Magnesia. 
Mom even used that term regularly after she heard it there.  Boy, was that an effective commercial.  I do believe that phrase popped up regularly among many a relative gathering.  I don't remember if mom ever drank the stuff though.  Doubt it. It was just a wonderful complaint to say though.

Problem flashed in my mind when I heard the thrift shop man say it...Yes!  That's it.  I'm so damn tired all the time, my body just aches. 
I have been taking my vitamins, been exercising and I have turned a corner, with the help of a friend, to start watching what I eat...but boy, tired blood? That just feels right.  I need to get some fortification of some iron in me mayhaps.  

Either that, or my body just hates the exercise and wants it 600 calorie muffin with coffee in the morning again?

                                                                                                   copyright 2012 Stepka