Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too Close for Comfort

Fitz was at his usual post the other night - at the screen window looking out at the driveway.
I heard a big bounce from something jumping off the roof onto the porch.  It was his nemesis, the Siamese, which led to Fitz switching his tail and hissing.
About 5 minutes later, I saw Fitz switching his tail and hissing again, so I went up to see and was shocked to see this grey fox about 5 feet away on the driveway, staring back. 

Too close.
I love nature and it was just last year when I was so excited spotting a fox right down the hill in the trees - but my driveway?
He stared at both of us a bit then ran off.  I followed with my camera, thinking at the same time, this is really too close.  I found him on the hill right outside.  The bad thing - he was not scared.  He actually stopped and came toward me. 

The farm girl inside me said, wait a minute, is he sick, this is not natural?  But no, unfortunately, it just seems he was just used to humans. He is a wild animal though.  After observing him for a bit, I realized he was just wanting to come back up to cross over the road behind me, which he did and he disappeared in the brush.

I love seeing you Fox....but stay in the wild.      

Addendum:  I looked back at my blog in June 2011 and had spotted my first fox in the glen on June 11.  Funny he showed up just around the same time this year.