Monday, July 23, 2012

Farm Girl Girly Girl vs Senior Discount Old Hag

Fresh as a Daisy

Was in the local Goodwill the other morning .  I had just bought a nice 3 dollar blouse with a tiny stain that I knew I could remove with my trusty oxyclean liquid, when on the way out the door, I spied a stunning red purse that I had to grab up, heft and admire.
“You’re such a girly girl,” a voice admonished. 
??!!What the?.  I looked around to see to whom that voice was talking to and it was to me!
The register lady whom I had just bought the blouse from and also with whom I shared our joint enthusiasm over oxyclean, was looking at me admiring the purse.  She talked about – I guess – women like me(? No way) girly girls who almost never get out the door without being dragged back by something catching the eye at the last minute.

The purse upon closer inspection was pretty, but very plastic so I put it down.  But her statement had floored me, so mostly I was in shock.

Granted, I have to say,  I have lost some weight and am still steadfastly watching what I eat.  I have been feeling much healthier,  more confident and happy with myself...but a girly girl? 
No one has ever called me a girly girl.
Ok…I was “dressed up” a bit since I was on my way to my retail job, not my usual yoga pants and no makeup on the way to the gym attire...But?
I am a farm girl - always have been and always will be.  I have always been more at home having dogs and animals bowling me over while feeding, wiping my dirty hands on my jeans, climbing over barbed wire fences when necessary to help out local farmers to get those darn cows back into the pasture and out of the road.
So …..girly girl? 

I do like pretty, beautiful things.  It shows in my photography.
I love all the beauty in nature.  It astonishes me sometimes.  Through the lens of a camera, it is even more astonishing.  I love beautiful home furnishings and fine linens and I have even been browsing lately in Vogue magazine of all places…looking at all the unique fashions that I think…Someday...maybe I can find some designer rips off in Marshalls!  Yeah, right!

I also admit, I had let myself go and I was sick of it.  Nothing fit and they sure don’t make cute outfits in a size 18 up. 
Then again, I have seen women size 18 and up who are absolute girly girls who are in the greatest outfits and they embrace all things girly girl and wear their confidence on their sleeves.  Dynamic women. 
Why?  They know how to show off their best features, know how to dress, and have confidence and personality and are happy with themselves and their lives.  It shows.
So I am going to lightly embrace my new "slightly" girly girl farm girl side. 
Can't and will not embrace it fully.  Just not in this Midwestern bred gal.  Lightly and Slightly is a big step ...and just enough.  A little tweak.

Why not indulge a bit - especially after what a different register person said to me just the night before.
A 19 or so year old gal rang up my groceries at the local market, looked up at me and remarked something to the effect…” eligible for the discount?” Except she said it in a way that was a declaration, not a question.  I didn’t get it at first and then it registered.  Senior discount.  55 and over.
That hurt.  I just turned 53...but the years show.  It has really shown and been felt for the past year or so.  One more reason I had decided to get on the ball and lose weight. Too much left to do with my life to just keel over because of the love of sweets, bread and fat.  But I had thought I was looking better. My face is definitely thinner. Then again, sun protection was not something on the mind of a farm girl years ago when hefting those hay bales onto the elevator in the blazing sun day after blazing day.

A real good facial?
Nip and tuck?
It’s good to live in a time when it is actually possible to look 10 years younger
Unfortunately, you have to have the money to look 10 years younger too. 
I really do have to start scratching lottery tickets.

Then I will go up to the counter and demand my senior discount...and they will look at me in astonishment and ask for my i.d.
It's so fun to dream!

                                                                                                                                 Copyright 2012 Stepka