Friday, July 27, 2012

Fear & Need vs. Want

Ok, have to bring this up.
Unless you have won the lottery, most real people I know these days are all dealing with the fear of not having enough money to pay the bills, getting too far into debt and in some cases, not even having enough money to pay the rent and have food on the table each month.
Most of these people I know of are 50 and over.

What happened to us?  I thought it was because I and the people I know live in an expensive area of the country and unless you had already bought and paid off the mortgage when this economy tanked, you found yourself at 50 plus with a downsized job, or lost a job and because of your age (face it...there is major age discrimination out there) can not find another or have to take anything available out there...and it does not pay the bills.  Savings start drying up and you have to make major choices. 
Moving is one.
But as I read other blogs...the fear factor is out there all over the country.

I guess it has always been out there...fear...when one gets older.  Security is really a thing of the past.  Most people I know will be working till 70 plus or until they drop... one way or another... out of necessity. If the government threatens to take Social Security away - the "grey" population will not take just sit back.  There will be a resurgence of the 60's generation back onto the streets and it will be loud. People are looking ahead and seeing they will be absolutely needing whatever miniscle funds they can pull out of the system they paid into to survive.
I also am reading blogs centered around individuals buying their dream homes and farms and getting mortgaged to the hilt and exhausting all savings really believing that everything will work out in the end.  You know...some logic and hard thoughts needs to be part of that decision also.  Dreams are wonderful - you just have to add a little thought, logic and reality into the recipie before you bake it.  It's achievable, just be sure to have the right ingredients ready before good savings and income coming in before placing into the oven. Then you do have to make the leap.

My parents generation were right.  After experiencing the depression, they saved any money they could and if they did not have cash to pay for something, they did not buy it.
Need vs. Want.
Hard lessons.
Good lessons.
Smart lessons.

Long, hard decisions ahead. 
And there's always that ancient god of fear rearing it's ugly head again - but then again.
Reality sucks sometimes...but that's living.
But reality is also that at a certain point - one does need to make that leap.  You can't just stand on the fence forever.

When it gets too hard though...I listen to my Kenny Loggins tunes or Iz.

Let's lighten this blog with one of Loggins songs.
Rainbow Connection.
There - All things are possible.  No fear god there.

                                                                                               copyright 2012 Stepka