Friday, July 20, 2012

Naming Animals

That's it!
I am going to start writing down great animal names I hear and keep them stashed in a file on my computer.
I am always struck by what wonderfully original and fitting names people come up with for their dogs and other animals.
Aly Wilks (if you have not checked out her blog so) has a horse named Slip who is afraid of Dragons, a cat named Scarab and now I read that she had a darling Whippet in the past named Thistle.
Thistle! I just love that.

Years ago, I remember writing down quite a few names of dogs I had met while walking in my neighborhood in a calendar hanging on my kitchen wall, but of course, that calendar went way of the trash at years end.   Why do I remember this 12 years later...and I could not remember in a years time not to throw away that calender?  Bad.
Wish I could remember specific names...but forget about it.
No time like the present to start again.

If I ever have a goat - now that would be a Thistle.

I had soooo many names for my cats and other animals on the farm where I grew up.  So many batches of kittens and I never had a problem coming up with names.  Of course at first,  being a very young being, colors were prevalent names.
Mother Yellow, Grey Spot, Black Spot, and of course....Blackie.

Whitey came into being with the next batch I believe.

Then I ventured into Calico, Princess, Panther.  Poor Panther was a black kitten, the runt of the litter, with a huge head and tiny body.  I had hoped he would gain strength and bulk on the weight of the name alone, but it was not to be.  He did not make it to his first birthday.  Amazing what animals stay with you through so many years.
Then there was a Matt (for my favorite Western Star - Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke).  No Tom, Dick or Harry though.
Once I hit High School, I thought myself very original  by naming two of my favorite cats, Fernando (after my favorite Abba song) and Sebastian.
And that were only a few of my kitties names.  
I also had Nancille the sheep, Binky the calf, along with Joey and the list just keeps going.

My current live in is Fitz the cat.  My boy. He is also lovingly called Boo and Butt Face. Boo because I have always loved that as a dog name (considering Fitz rolls around in the dirt bowl just like a is fitting)  And Butt Face?  Well, if you would see if bounce down the stairs in front of you in the morning - or have him settle on your lap - butt straight in the face as he kneads to get comfty, then you would understand that one also.

So I must start a list...just because.
There will be more live ins - or live outs - sooner or later.
I want to be ready.  

                                                          copyright 2012 Stepka