Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scare Tactics

New word....Irk.
Annoying commercials irk me.

Saw a commercial for a toothpaste just now on tv.  It shows this young, vibrant woman talking about how she loves fruit, but her dentist warned her that the natural acids in fruit and juice (all the healthy things she loves) can erode the enamel of her teeth. 
He recommends this toothpaste to regenerate the enamel.

What the Heck!

So now we have to be scared to eat fruit? 

I have been so happily eating lots and lots of fruit lately.  I have always loved strawberries.  The nectarines and the white peaches are stupendous.  The watermelon just right.  Blueberries - oh my.  Place a bit of blueberries in a bowl...nuke them as is and pour the warm saucy stuff over french toast and heaven explodes in your mouth!  It reminds me when I use to scoop out the warm berries from mom's pie which just came out of our wood stove.

Now I should worry about my tooth enamel?
More scare tactics to sell product.  Disgusting.
I was surprised that there was no quiet and fast background voice-over telling you to be careful that too much of the toothpaste may cause your teeth to fall out if you use too much of the paste.

Happy July 4th to all out there.
Go buy lots of fruit and enjoy!!!

                                                                                                 copyright 2012 Stepka