Monday, July 2, 2012


Another great word - vexing.
I am one who is not usually too worried about finding the right word for some type of incident or deed.  If it does not come into my brain in a timeley manner, then I recreate one.
But vexing is such a great "real" word. 
Think how much more interesting a phrase could be if you used the word vexing instead of irritaing.

"What a vexing person he is."
"This is such a vexing situation."
"What a perfectly vexing car this is."
It all sounds so British.

...and I must say - "vexing" bowel syndrome sounds so much better than "irritating" bowel syndrome.  Then again, that whole phrase is just silly anyhow.

Well, let's just say, I was having a very vexing morning trying to figure out something to write about this morniing before I went to work, which is vexing in itself!
So let's hope I get much more inspired the rest of this week.

Have a very non-vexing week.