Monday, August 6, 2012

Axel...The Junk Yard Dog - Artefact Design and Salvage

                                                                                      copyright 2012 Stepka

A few months back I had posted a little piece on Axel who loves to play tug of war with his bucket and with visitors at the Sonoma shop, Artefact.  The backyard is full of architectural salvaged pieces and usually Axel, ready to put on a show.
I opened the local paper Sunday and there he was. 
Here is the link to Axel's story.  Didn't know he almost was lost in a fast running creek one time.  Bad Axel.  His great dad,  got in and got him out in the nick of time while Axel hung onto a log.
Also didn't know that Axel is really gentle with kids, especially ones in wheelchairs and leads them around the inside store. 
One warning....this guy drools big time, so if you go to the store and play, be sure to watch out for the spray of drool that whips off Axel's jaw line as he plays with you!

Axel's Story

And here are some new photos of his mug in action also from the story from The Press Democrat.  Photos by Christopher Chung.

Tomorrow I will post some videos of Axel.