Monday, August 27, 2012

Dancing over Cow Pies

I admit it….I do have one ‘reality’ show on tv I do enjoy.
Dancing with the Stars.
Thus stated… personally, I am a klutz when it comes to any type of smooth repetitive motion.

Tall by 1970’s standards, my high school gym teacher thought I would be perfect on the basketball court.
I tried to warn her. After about the 3rd fumble / stumble / debacle, she let go of that dream.
Remember line dancing? Many years ago I feebly attempted that sport at a pseudo cowboy bar. Disaster.

Recently I tried beginning Zumba at the gym. To those few who have not heard of this routine, well, it takes coordination and getting the feet to move back and forth smoothly in repetitive dance motions.
Na da.

So why was it then, that in my youth, I was able to dance over frozen cow pies in the barn yard and fields so well?

Not only could I easily maneuver over and around them, I practically danced over them. Running out to bring in the cows on a frosty, pitch black evening, with only the glint of the snow providing light, I transversed over cow pie hill and vale with the ease of a ballerina on a caffeine high.

Cow pie dancing. Nope. Don’t think that will ever catch on.
Good exercise though.

                                                                                                              copyright 2012 Stepka