Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looking at your past...pedaling fast toward your future

Saw a blip on Hoda and Kathy Lee (Today Show) this morning that struck home.

It was a segment with 3 women talking about making major changes in their lives (use to be called midlife crisis I believe) and the one element that ran true for each was their taking up an occupation or interest that had sparked interest and creativity in their childhoods.
For me, it is photography and enjoying nature and the outdoors...and I have got the bug to get out the oil paints once again...later.

They always say to go into an occupation one loves ...but how many of us actually can make a living at it? 
Now that jobs are so scarce, and any job you do get could blow away in the wind at any time, people are looking at what made them happy and revisiting what they could do with that interest.  Even if it just adds to a regular job's income, you are doing what you enjoy, being creative, being your own boss.  The joy doing that "thing" says and means a lot. And who knows where it could lead in the future. 

All the women on the segment, said yes, there is a lot of fear of failure involved if you want to try to pursue and actual career in your chosen interest...then again, time is flying past.  Take the bull by it's horns, so to speak.  No time like the present.  Forget the should of, could of, would of speech.  Now is what matters.

                                                                                                        copyright 2012 Stepka