Friday, August 24, 2012

Routines are Boring

My cat Fitz has been doing a weird dance lately.
He is being very vocal in the morning and Instead of him leading me down the stairs as usual the past few mornings (best since I could very well trip him up in my morning stupor down the stairs) he lets me start down, then jumps ahead on the last few steps.  The weird thing… he now with great intent, steps lightly to the far left side of the last two steps and then leaps to the floor, runs around the corner, jumps on top of the coffee table, careens off and then heads towards his dishes nonchalantly.
It’s just that this is a new routine I have never seen him do before in the 8 years since we have cohabitated together.
Do cats get bored and just have to change the routine once in a while….like every 8 years?
Is there something on or under those last 2 steps that causes him to sidestep ever so deliberately to the side now…and run away.  What can’t the human eyes see or human nose smell?
Or is it just he has had enough of the same, oh, boring routine of going down the stairs in the morning and has decided to break the monotony and give his mom a head trip?
I really think the latter.
Maybe there is something to learn here from good old’ Fitz.

Even though I have been studiously working on my card lines, I feel like I am in a rut.

At work…same old, same old…then home, flop on the couch and that is pretty much it for the evening, unless I work on the cards.
Days off, routine is feed Fitz, coffee, watch unsettling and boring news programs, gym, thrift shops, errands, work on cards, go to printer if needed….and boy does the day fly by.  If I get in my hammock for a half hour, that would be a definite break in routine. 
Even having fun writing for this blog and taking photos for the heck of it have gone off kilter. 

So maybe I just need to get up tomorrow morning, follow Fitz down the stairs, sidestep to the left on the last two steps and run around the corner.
I will jump up next to the coffee table (definitely not on)…and watch Fitz’s eyes pop out of the sockets wondering what the heck has caused mom to freak out.
His fault.
Routines are boring.
Have to shake it up.
                                                                                      copyright 2012 Stepka