Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What the Universe is Trying to Say

I have been trying really hard the past few days/weeks to eat right, but sometimes, darn it, you just gotta have a treat.
My own personal favorite treat for myself consists of mashed potatoes or a special chiffon piece of cake from a local grocery nearby.

Easy enough to actually make mashed potatoes or bake a cake...but not easy (for me)  to sustain from eating a whole pot of mashed potatoes or half a cake. So I spend the extra money and buy just a small container or slice.

Not so easy when "the universe" decides it just isn't in the cards...or so it seems.

The last 3 times I went to get a taste of mashed potatoes...they were out.
Got a salad instead.

Last night I went out to get a slice of my favorite chiffon cake.  Not a slice to be seen.
Had cereal with strawberries instead.

Thank you Universe.  I guess.

                                                                                                   copyright 2012 Stepka