Friday, September 7, 2012

Flattened by a Cold

I have had my share of allergies …the sniffle and the runny nose, but it has been years since I have been completely deflated and flattened by a cold.

I had forgotten the total energy drain…when just getting up from bed to go downstairs takes it all out of you, and you land on the sofa and stay there mostly for 4 hours until you get enough energy to drag yourself back upstairs back to bed.

I had all my plans laid out for Wednesday. Granted, Tuesday I felt a sore throat coming on, but I powered thru thinking that I would sweat it all out as usual in my house cleaning frenzy.
I should have known I was in for it Tuesday night when I wanted to do one last power thru cleaning and organizing my office and found I could barely stand, let alone clean.

I think my last ounce of energy was spent giving my cat Fitz his semi-annual bath in the sink.

If he wouldn’t roll around outside in dirt like a dog, then both of us wouldn’t have to go thru such trials and tribulations of a bath.  But not to be.
In fact….I really believe this needs to turn into a monthly experience.
Poor Fitz. 

At least he did not absolutely collapse, limp, to the bottom of the sink in horror and degradation this time.  He actually stood up all thru the process, putting his arms up toward my neck for support (or nearer my jugular vein?) and getting me all wet in the process also.

That may have been the last straw.  The cold virus in my system saw all that cold wetness and said…”we have her now! Down for the count!’

And that I was….all day Wednesday. 
One wonderful thing…Fitz stayed by side…if not on top of me, all day too. Nothing like the warmth of a 24 pound kitty heating pad.

Good cat.

Maybe, we’ll just make the bath bi monthly.

                                                                                         copyright 2012 Stepka