Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Stories - Part 2- The Old Farmhouse

Most people will say they have had an experienced a chill down their spine when they are in a creepy place, but there is creepy and there is CREEPY.

Old houses creak and groan naturally and if the walls are cracked with plaster cracking and falling out, wall paper faded and coming loose in strips, which was a norm in our old farmhouse, then that just adds to the ‘atmosphere’. When you fell like someone is watching you or if you just know you just heard someone call your name in the middle of the night…now that’s CREEPY.

I was in total angst during my childhood. Bullying…check, severe shyness….check. Lots of negative emotions running gambit in the household in general…check. So, yeah, had a lot of excess energy that if, anything wanted to use it to slip through a crack in our dimension – it was there.
I used to hear something crawling under my bed.

That creeps me out just remembering. Were there mice and who knows what in the walls of that old house, oh, yes. But this sound I heard was like something dragging on the floor from the top of my bed to the foot very, very, very slowly.

I think that lasted a few weeks? I have no reference to time during that period of my life. I remember praying to my dead Grandmother to keep whatever it was- away. Now Grandma died a particularly horrid death, which I will not go into, so maybe it was Grandma under the bed? No – now that I don’t believe.
I do remember actually getting frustrated at one point with the scratching and springing out of bed and actually looking under. Nothing there of course, and the noise stopped as soon as I bounced down to look.

Did I ever mention this to any family members? Of course not. I just laid there petrified night after night till I went to sleep. Yes, I was an emotional wreck at- what age- 12?

One day, my aunt visited us and was up late talking with my folks. I think my mom said something about that if she wanted to stay overnight, to just bunk with me upstairs. I was not exactly happy about that statement, but just went to bed. You know when you are soooo tired that if something wakes you up, you really hardly notice and fall right back asleep? Well, I woke up barely in the middle of the night and felt something nudging me to move over in bed. I thought…oh, it’s my aunt, so I moved over and I fell right back to sleep. Next morning, I go downstairs to find out that my dad drove my aunt home the evening before. ? I so ‘remember’ that nudge… and the feel of the bed sinking. My parents playing a trick on me? Believe me, my parents did not ‘joke’ around.

They also say in articles that people, even adults, who are developmentally disabled, are also open to other worldly things. My uncle lived with us and slept down the hall from my bedroom, right next to the scary room. (I wrote about that room and the dream that my brother and I shared concerning it. I will repeat that post next.) One night I kept hearing this banging….like a shutter, or in our case, a barn door banging open and shut in the wind. It just kept going on and on. Bang, bang, bang. Then silence for a minute. Then repeat…bang, bang, bang. This is where the real creepiness sets in. After a good half hour of that, I could have sworn I heard someone starting to call my name. How did I ever get a night’s sleep in that house during that time, I just don’t know, but I eventually went to sleep. At the breakfast table, as usual, I never said anything. Then my uncle spoke up. “Anyone hear that banging?” I still remember his face as he said it. It kept him up and he was angry about it. Nope…no one heard a thing…except me. I did ask him if he happened to hear anything else. I don’t really remember his response. You would think I would remember. Over active imagination on my part? All I know is that I was exhausted during that period in my life in more ways than one.

Last one for this post….my mom and I were downstairs doing something together. We were standing by the phone which is almost directly below the open heat vent to my Uncles room. In winter, the old wood stove would heat my Uncles room wonderfully.

We heard a chair being shoved directly above us.

No one was upstairs. No one else was in the house in fact.

I do remember mom and I looking at one another, but that was it. No – “well, what the heck was that?!” type of comment.

Weird, huh?

copyright 2012 Stepka