Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Stories Part 4

Creepy Halloween vignettes popping up around town!

Martha (name change) lived in a very small town in Illinois. Her house was haunted. I don’t remember all the stories she regaled me and another friend from college with, but again….CREEPY.

Her father was tearing up the house to create a little studio and apartment for her. Martha had some stories previous to the demolition about having seen something go by out of the corner of her eye and even heard some lite voices, maybe singing.
Her first experience however, her family told her about. You see, she was just a baby in the crib. One night her mother laid her down for the night in her crib and went back in the next room to relax and watch tv. Now, I am not sure, but I believe Martha told me that her mother heard some noises coming out of the nursery, so she went in to check.

Little Martha was out of the crib and on the floor.
No one had gone into the room. Her mom was right outside the door. Windows closed and locked. Yes, she had a couple of older siblings. They were all watching tv. There was no way Martha got out of that crib by herself.

Again, a bit older, she had experienced seeing a man dressed in a rather odd, old suit in her house’s living room. She went to ask her mother, who was in another part of the house, who the man was. No one was visiting. When they went to the living room. No one was there. After Martha described in detail what the man was wearing…old fashioned clothes…her parents dug out a photo album. Martha picked out the man…her long dead Grandfather, I believe. He had died in the living room years ago. I believe she said he died from choking while eating a pie. Talk about dying unexpectantly!

Back to College times…the demolition released some other energy it seemed.

Martha and her family started seeing the rocking chair in the living room rocking back and forth …no one in it…no breeze. A child’s voice, singing a pretty song could be heard often. Oh, and something was on the staircase leading to her rooms. I don’t remember details, but I believe that something was not a welcomed visitor to say the least.

copyright 2012 Stepka