Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Stories-Part 5 The Haunted West

When I moved out West, I met someone who had experiences that made all the othesr seem like light hearted fairy tales. We will call her Linda.
Linda lived in a house, and as it turns out, a whole town that was haunted.
Again, she experience most of these happenings as a teenager, but it lasted long into her 20’s plus.
She would be home alone (of course) and sitting in her bedroom reading, when she heard the kitchen down the hall being torn apart. She could hear the cabinets opening and slamming, pots and pans thrown around. After it stopped and she gathered enough courage to venture down the hall…nothing was out of place in the kitchen. This happened quite a few times. I believe her mom heard it once also.
Her brother and she would hear footsteps thru the open window to the outside patio. No one would appear, but the footsteps kept walking right past. I believe she told me that her brother actually heard footsteps coming down the hall towards him one night…and right past him. Nothing there.
It got bad enough, that when Linda did move out to her own apartment in the city in her 20’s, when she did visit home, she would sleep in her parent’s closet.
Come to find out after her parents retired and sold the house to move to another state, historical records showed that the old tree that had been standing right outside their door and had been cut down around when she was a teenager….had been a hanging tree back in the Old West times. Criminals and such were executed right in her front yard. Cutting down the tree seemed to unleash some very bad energy.
There were other places in town that were haunted also. Her brother worked in a video shop, whose owner freaked out when working late at night, he heard a group of people walking around and talking in the main room. Of course, the place was locked up tight and no one was there.
Linda had many other experiences for many years past her ‘impressionable’ years. It seemed like something had followed her to her new apartment in the city. Nothing as scary as her childhood home, but annoying. TV turned on by itself, she would catch a glimpse of a shadow by her bed at night, 
When her parents decided to move up North, they took a family trip to check out the area. Checking into a small hotel, Linda was in the bath when the lights went out suddenly. Something had flicked the switch off.
The real stunner was when they were ready to check out and were packing their suitcases.  Something of her moms flew off the bed and across the room.
Strange happenings for sure...all across the country.

copyright 2012 Stepka