Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Stories - Part 6

Strange happenings for sure…and fascinating. How much does an active imagination have to deal with it? Well, in my case, I have a feeling it may have been a factor. The banging noise definitely happened in the middle of the night, it was confirmed by my Uncle, but the scary ghost voice calling my name…well, I just don’t know. That definitely might have been an ‘addendum’ to my fright.

What’s real, what’s imagined? Why are these experiences so seemingly prevalent out there? There are tons of tv shows out on the airways about strange happenings all over the country and beyond. Some show actual chairs moving by themselves, voices captured on tape, eerie glimpses of images. Is it just left over energy or a spirit visiting? The age old question...what’s next after we die? There are so many cultures and religions with so many ideas.
That brings to mind one more story, which another friend from a previous job shared with me.

Her family was gathered at the nursing home where her grandfather was spending his last hours. His family took turns being with him, so my friend and her very young daughter was taking a break outside in the garden patio area next to the room along with a couple of other family members.

All of a sudden, her daughter (three or four years old?) looked up where she was playing on the ground, toward her Great Grandpa’s room and laughed and laughed, at first pointing toward the window and then slowly moved her finger across the patio and then up towards the sky, saying her baby name for her Great Grampa and bye, bye. A few seconds later, relatives in the room came out and told them their Grandfather had just passed.
If that doesn’t give you chills and a great feeling all at the same time, nothing will.

Happy Halloween!

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