Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life: One Big Circle

Last Hurrah

I really realized this afternoon about how my life has turned into one big circle lately.
Midnight Sun, the shop in Healdsburg which carries my line of cards has asked for more baby congratulatory type cards, so I have been mulling over the possiblities.  They are endless of course, however, since I have no babies to take photos of at the moment, human or domestic creatures, the effort caused me to venture into my old art archives.
I have always wanted to create a card line.  I have always collected cards from shops that have struck my fancy.  Either the imagery or message or combo of both would catch my eye, and I always loved the creativity I saw certain card creators put into their lines.
So, it was interesting to delve into my old files and sure enough, I found some really cute drawings/paintings I did years ago that will be perfect for some baby and other card lines.

Yup, one big circle.
Grew up on a farm.  Started drawing and then photographing what I saw. Left the farm.  Moved into doing creative displays for department stores (which I loved when it was a creative job), then moved onto sales, merchandising and not so creative (lets make a living stuff) and now...?
Well, maybe Farm Girl Studios will not bring in big bucks to finance my next phase in life fully, but it will sure help. 
And I am back being creative.
Much to be Thankful for.
                                                                                    copyright 2012 Stepka