Saturday, December 22, 2012


Last night, or should I say this morning (2:20am), I woke up because a brite flash of light invaded under my eyelids. I don't remember ever experiencing haven woken up that way before. It was like someone had lifted up my eyelids and had flashed two high beam flashlights into my eyes.
About 5 seconds or so later, a huge boom resounded throughout the house.
Turns out the flash was a bolt of lightning right outside the house, that then reverberated into the boom.

Yes, sunny skies no more. 
And it sounded like it was hailing.  Probably was...still I was very comfty and not getting out of bed to investigate.

About a minute later, I heard a bit of rustling and another sound I had not heard for sometime.  It was Fitz pawing his way inside my closet, opening the sliding door with his nose and paws. He had not done that for years.
You know a storm is bad when even your outside loving, butt kicking 9 year old tom cat wants to hide.

I called out softly, "Fitz?".
A little muffled Mewl sound came floating back to me, but I was already drifting back to sleepland.
                                                                               copyright 2012 Stepka