Friday, February 8, 2013

Googling Cat and Dog Names

When I found my cat Fitz on the side of the road, under a bridge, some 8 years ago, he was already around 7 months old.  I was never quite satisfied with his name, though I can't imagine any other name for him now.
He is Fitz....and Boo...and Butt Face. 
And that is it....I think.  Oh, Handsome and Big Boy. 
Well, every pet has pet, pet names.
Now with the internet, you can google names specifically slated for cats and dogs. 
Someday I will have a dog, so I am starting a list of potential names.  The great thing about this is that I realize that most dog names, especially male ones, would make great cat  names also.
Well, maybe not Fido...then again, Fitz acts like a dog, defending territory, rolling in dirt, coming in when called at night (well, maybe it's really because it is feeding time)...and wouldn't it be unique to have a cat named Fido?!
So I will just keep collecting names.
Here are just some of the male ones I like so far on my list.
Gunner, Charlie, Milo, Bear (love it), Sheldon, Finn, Winston, Coop, Bo, 
Female:  Luna, Layla,Willow, Ella, Katniss(ok, this is definitely a kitty name), Bella, Gigi, Nellie, Loki, Olive.
That is just a start...
Of course, that hard part is when you have a new creature in your midst and you try to mind meld as to what name will fit.  You look into those eyes, recite names and see what clicks.
And to think, as a child on the farm, I named batches of kittens hardly without a thought.
Grown ups think and ponder way too much.                             
                                                                                 copyright 2013 Stepka