Friday, March 1, 2013

Sheep are Stupid

Yes, I said it, and anyone who has worked around sheep know this for a fact.
Now, I am not saying, ALL sheep are stupid. Just like any species, there are a " few" that seem to have a wiseness upon birth. 
The mother of the spotted lamb below definitely had the stupid gene.  Then again...this was her first lambing.

It was so nice to see this little, big guy, running around with his mates on the hillside this morning.
Last Sunday was another story.

I was running around like a banshee last Sunday trying to get alot of projects done, nothing going right, the day flying by, wasted, it seemed.  So I stopped, got off the banshee wagon, grabbed a book and decided to find a quiet place in the sun to read and clear my head for a bit.

Walking up to the park was an option, but I had already run myself ragged, so I just headed to the hillside overlooking the farm to gather in some peace.


After my mind finally stopped for a bit, I noticed my quiet time was actually filled with a sheep baaing ....and baaing ...and baaing. 
And baaing.
And baaing.

I went closer to the farm fence line and sure enough, there was the culprit.  She was running back and forth, back and forth on a little hillock, just over a tiny waterway fed by a spring.  I could not figure out what the heck she was all upset about, and then I saw it. A black and white spotted fellow, who practicably blended into the rocks on the other side of the waterway. He was kinda just standing there in a daze...I think very tired of his mom bleeting her mouth off also. 
You see, all the sheep had to do was cross a few rocks to her lamb, but no, she just kept running back and forth on the other side, baaing her mouth off.

And it looked like her lamb had had enough too.  He ended up laying down.  If he had had fingers, he would have plugged his ears.

This did not calm his mother. 
The baaing went on and on and on.
Was there something wrong with the lamb?.  He was almost laying in the spring, and he didn't have any energy or response to his mother's baaing.
Why the H--- didn't that sheep just cross the D--- stream!!!

I tried just going back to my spot to peacefully read...but no after 10 minutes, I gave up...dragged my booty down to the fence line, carefully climbed over the barbed wire fence (boy, I was impressed by the sharpness of those prongs), and proceeded to check on the lamb.
He was curled up in a little ball, but little...nope.  He was a pretty big one.  He never even noticed me until I was actually close enough to pick him up. (hmmm...hearing ok?) Yup, big, but not even a day old.  And the mom did not do a thorough job of cleaning him.  He was rough with dried fluid, but smelled heavenly.  Love the new born lamb smell.
Well, guess what?  Mom finally leapt over the 2 foot stream bed and started toward me in a panic.
Oh, yeah, now she can cross the scary water.
So that was that, I wasn't going to leave the lamb right there near the stream and proceeded to carry him up the hill into the sunshine nearer the other sheep... with mom tagging right behind, baaing her head off even louder.  Could not believe it was possible.

Baby started bawling back to mom...good sign, and I let him down. Mom and baby unites...suckles furiously, mom shuts up, and I head back down the hill, over the treacherous barbed wire, and back to my book. 

The sun now, of course, was clouded over.

That was the end of my relaxation time in the sun and I headed back home...with the scent of newborn lamb lingering on my arms.
That made it worth my while.

                                                                                                          copyright 2013 Stepka