Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have been cleaning up my living spaces... majorly.
Once I start something, it just snowballs. You open one drawer and clean it and soon you are in every drawer and nook and cranny and closet and garage cubby hole.
I had been stockpiling 'stuff' in the garage for some time.  I love to resell things and really thought I might get into selling at different vintage sales around here.  That never happened.  And the idea of having to load up the truck and get everything out on tables at an ungodly hour...well, it finally occurred to me it just was not worth it. Still I love to sell, so you will be seeing some items finally up on my Etsy site along with my cards very soon.  Time to share. I have lots of great things that need good homes.
Having lost weight, now I go to thrifts for clothing and things I need...but it is rare to find 'goodies'.  Thrifts now are selling on Ebay and if some fun vintage is displayed, the pieces are priced like antique stores.  The thrill of the hunt in these stores have diminished to near nill.
I do keep finding creatures to add to my menagerie of animals...the herd.

 Just found a unique bear today...tiny guy. He has a lovely expression and looked like someone was trying to chew off one of his feet, but that made him all the more special.

They have to have a personality in the face or bearing or both to make it into the herd.
What has this all to do with the title of this blog page?
Well, mindfulness in a living space to me is... that even when it comes to finding a possible new piece of the herd in a store or a garage sale, it has to be special to take up that space on that shelf with the rest.  I am very mindful these days that there needs to be a 'home' for everything in my space.  I need whatever object to be in some way useful or in the case of non needed things like my bear...I need to love it enough to be able to feel like it is worth my time dusting each and every one of them every two weeks or less.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and surrounding yourself with beautiful objects...or just things that make you smile is a must have in our short lives.
                                                                                                copyright 2013 Stepka