Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sheep Weed Wackers are Back

Along with the wonderful scent of the rose gardens in the neighborhood is a more prevalent scent of the natural weed wackers (sheep) back for a return and welcome appearance.
This year the wool is still attached.  No nakeds in the groups just yet!
...And best still... there are the baas of baby lambs.

Fitz, my kitty, reacted as if he had never seen these creatures before, even though they appear and have appeared right around now for the past 5 or so years. Under the bed for a time he goes, just in case these wooly, stinky creatures have a mind to stampede thru the back fence.

 Then again, if you are one foot tall and come across the sheep in the photo above staring down at you, you may want to run and hide under the bed too.

                                                                                          copyright 2013 Stepka