Friday, May 17, 2013


Fitz changes his daily rituals every few months it seems.  Every morning after breakfast, after his daily inspection of the property outside, making sure no interlopers were about, he will saunter back in, go to the bottom of the stairs, look at me with great expectation, and lope up the stairs to the office.
I am to follow.  Time for grooming.
This ritual use to take place on top of my desk overlooking the open space, but now he plunks himself down in the middle of the sunbeam on the floor.  My boy is about 8 and I suspect hopping his big frame up onto my desk after a nice big breakfast just isn't a favorable early morning activity anymore.
Yes, sunbeams on the floor (while someone runs a brush through your fur) is just as relaxing as a sunbeam on the desk. 
Simple pleasures.
                                                                                                       copyright 2013 Stepka