Sunday, June 16, 2013

Flowers of the Week - A Sensory Savings Bank

So I have been starting to invest in some fresh flowers to add to my vase each week.  "Invest" instead of "buy"...since I see it an investment into a sensory savings bank. If it makes me smile, costs little,  then it's well worth it.
 I am just buying a few stems each more than 5 dollars worth...and adding and subtracting from whatever stems are still vibrant and usable from the last week. 
It'd be easier to just dump the whole thing and start over...but why? 
What I could do if I had my own garden full of flowers. Then again, I have had wonderful floral gardens and the stems hardly ever came inside.  I just enjoyed them in the garden.

I had just some of the little green flowers and baby's breath in the vase and freshened it up with lavender from my back yard and these gorgeous pink and cream blooms.  The colors blend beautifully into the backdrop of my curtains. 

                                                                                                         copyright 2013 Stepka