Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Many people collect "doo dads" still.  I remember visiting Germany years past while I was in college and one person was darned determined to find some Hummel figurines to give to add to her mom's collection.  Funny...people she asked in Germany had no idea what they were.  I see them around at thrifts every now and then...little figurines of children dressed in traditional garb.  They use to be very expensive and I am sure that some older pieces still are, but the advent of Ebay has brought the world to everyone's door and prices have plummeted.  Good for those people who collect them just because they find them charming.
Most people collect objects that mean something to them or in my case, I collect animals with personalities.

There is some kind of story waiting to be written in this portrait ...

                                              copyright 2013 Stepka