Monday, June 17, 2013

Running with the Boys

It was one of those evenings I had wished I'd brought my camera on my walk to the park.  I have been meandering down to the pond lately just to soak in the rhapsody of songs from the redwing blackbirds gathered in the reeds. My usual spot on the cement bridge was taken by fishermen casting out their lines into the shallow waters.  I don't think bringing in fish was their main focus. They were there for the scene and music too. Most men seem to need a prop as an excuse to just sit and enjoy nature. The older they get though...not so much.
So I left the fishermen to that side of the pond and ended up on a bench across the way, which sits on a rough and tumbled dirt trail leading up the hill. Some teens on dirt bikes had just past the bench and I watched as one younger boy went down a parallel path which ended practically in the water instead of up the hill like his friend. He stopped, a bit disconcerted at the dead end and yelled up to his friend to wait, which he did, and at the same moment I saw a beautiful black and white Border Collie come rushing down from the same path straight to the water and jump in.
My first impression was that dog had been running straight out and needed a good cool down and the second was...dogs usually are suppose to be on leases in the park and this one got away. Another stray? Escapee dogs do have a tendency of landing on my path.  At least I had clearly seen a collar and tags on him right before he jumped in.
But no, I noticed a minute or so later that another teenage biker had arrived on the scene from up top and merged with his two friends, the one biker on the lower trail having scrambled to meet them, and they were just watching the dog cooling down.
Yours? I inquired.
Yes, one of them yelled back and they just waited there watching the dog.
Then I saw they were gathering their bikes to race back down the hill...right past me on the bench, which honestly did kinda piss me off, since I knew they were going to come down full speed.  One off move and I would be plowed over...but come they did.

You know that theory that when you are in eminent danger of a crash, time slows and you see everything in slow motion.
Well, it was happening.
First one boy barrels down, then the second, and then...
the border collie emerged out of the wet reeds, running full out, wet long hair flying, legs caked in mud, stretched out in pure canine delight, eyes intense in concentration with that spark of intelligence and freedom...not running... but flying.
Just  one of the boys.
Click!  That was the shot.
Alas, no camera.
Only etched in my brain.

                                                                                                                 copyright 2013 Stepka