Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Challenge - Connect with your Subject

Photographing my sweet little honey bees is one thing...trying to get a good shot of a tiny bumblebee is another.

 It is very hard to get the bumblebees' essence to appear in the photo.  It's almost like that black black absorbs all the light and and that yellow head?  Well, that is my next challenge in my little garden.
I have taken many a honey bee photo and it is really amazing the difference in each bee demeanor, looks, size and yes, even personality.  Sounds strange, but anytime you get close to and spend even a fleeting amount of time around a living subject, you can see some type of individuality in them.  Even bees.
Looking through a camera lens brings many things into focus and just for an instant, you are connected with that subject.
Trying to bring that connection you've made...out through the photo you have taken so that others can see it also... is the challenge.
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