Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Mystery of the Vanishing Strawberries

I just have a small planter box of strawberries right now.  They are just so happy in that box. The large tomato plants give them enough shade and yet let enough sunshine and warmth thru their leaves that the strawberry plants almost shine with contentment.
However, as soon as I see a few berries starting to ripen and am anticipating the lovely flavors, I leave it for one day too long...and they are gone.
I have this image of the neighborhood mole sneaking out of it's hole at night, it's ugly little toothy snout quivering with the scent of fresh ripe strawberries at their peak. Chomp!
More than likely, it is the jays.  I should put a bit of a net over them, and yet I will just wait a bit.
Let's see if they can share and share alike.
Either that or I need to be quicker on the draw!
                                                                                         copyright 2013 Stepka