Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good News for Park Kitty

Well, finally this little kitty has been brought into from the cold. She had kept herself in one little clearing in the park I frequented.  Who knows how she got there, but we have found she had been fixed, though no chip.
 I started feeding her about a month ago and started trying to figure out how to get her out of there.  But she was extremely elusive. Once she got used to you, she was actually very affectionate, butting her head against your hand, meowing and purring when eating, but boy, she just did not want to be picked up and put in a carrier.  We had quite a tussle between the two of us at one point.  She won.
I learned quite a bit from this experience.  Really don't want to have to go thru it again, but I just couldn't go into that park knowing she was there and hungry. She definitely had not had the skills to have been able to hunt for enough food, considering how bony she had been.  Even after feeding her once a day, she was quite the skinny thing.
Thanks to a great organization, Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County, and Jessica and Jean,  I was able to get a metal carrier/cage to finally trap her.  We set it up with both ends open and I started feeding her in it so she was well used to it.  The other night, even with my fumbling trying to engage the doors, she still went in to eat.... was trapped and onto a better life.  She was not happy with the outcome right then, but she will be.  I really suspect she will become a great lap cat.
Nice to have to have a happy ending to this story.
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